Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education.

Baby and YouWe become first time parents with little or no experience and can find the journey overwhelming with tiredness like you have never experienced before, information overload and feeling you are under achieving as a parent.

SPACE focuses on assisting parents become confident in their parenting choices, by providing play, information, opportunities to make new friends and starts the educational process in a gentle manner and friendly environment.

SPACE acknowledges that each family is unique and by providing researched information on a wide range of topics, parents can create a parenting style that best suits their family structure.

Your baby has his or her own personality which will be shining through and no doubt you have read many books on baby’s development but they have been written about another person’s baby; your baby is creating their own book.

SPACE offers you the tools to grow and nurture your baby, and the autonomy to create your parenting style in a safe and pleasant environment.

It is important that parents wishing to participate in a SPACE session, register early.  We suggest that you register even before your baby is born as this will enable us to plan in advance, ensuring we have enough groups available
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$150 for the three term programme.
This includes:  $32 payable to SPACENZ Trust

Payment is due 2 weeks before the starting date to secure your place. However, should the payment be a concern to you don’t hesitate to speak to our coordinator Kate on 09 483 6989   or  021 396 888

A morning tea roster will be set up after two weeks which over the whole programme you may be ask to contribute twice or possibly three times depending on the number in the group.  Coffee, Tea etc is provided.

Each Group makes a heuristic basket for each person to use at home or for travelling.  Each person contributes three items. Items can include drift wood, old preserving rings, wooden pegs, different types of fabric, balls, milk bottle tops, wooden spoons and/or curtain rings and plastic kitchen equipment etc – everything you can find from the home or from nature. You choose from a list of items which may take up your time to source but hopefully not your money.

Most weeks we make an item that can be used at home, drum, rainbow ring, hand and/or foot prints, etc.  Most craft materials are available but you may be asked to save thing like formula tins, milk bottle tops, shells etc.

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