Playgroup@Cedar Saplings’s main aim is to provide a learning environment that is varied and responsive to the interests and learning needs of individual children.  Operated under the Certificate from the Ministry of Education, the programme at Playgroup@Cedar Saplings is parent lead, encourages and supports parents on the journey of learning about the educational needs of their children in a gentle manner and friendly environment. 

In addition to providing Early Childhood Education (ECE) opportunities for children, Playgroup@Cedar Saplings provides an informal support network for parents and acknowledges and supports parents as the most important nurturers and educators of their children.  We also acknowledge that each family is unique and is creating a parenting style that best suit their family structure.

Your child/children have their own personality which will be shining through and playgroup assists with the ongoing development of social skills and appropriate behaviours in a calm, positive manner.  Playgroup @Cedar Saplings believe:

  1. parents know and understand their child and learn together while playing,
  2. the concept of positive parenting,
  3. affirms parents expertise and experience in parenting their child,

Playgroup@Cedar Saplings parents support each other to enable our child/children to grow and thrive in a safe and pleasant environment.