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  1. Sara

    We had a great time doing SPACE. It went from something that was nice to get out of the house for and a good way to entertain the baby at the start, to something we both really looked forward to each week as we got to have fun, learn things, try new activities, make cool stuff and most of all hang out with a great group of people.
    Was nice to be somewhere where when you were asked “how are you?” You knew the person actually wanted to know.
    Thanks team!

  2. Kathy Bowker

    SPACE has been so amazing, I couldn’t imagine my journey during this first year as a parent without it. My SPACE class was always the highlight of the week. I loved having the chance to reflect and talk about how my week had been in a caring environment. The things we learned about baby’s development and parenting approaches really helped me to understand my baby and bond with her. SPACE was the perfect mix of music, craft, reading and other activities for the babies, along with learning, sharing, friendships and coffee and cake for us mums!

  3. Claire

    SPACE was a great place to meet like-minded mums who were interested in conscious parenting. I loved talking about the different approaches to raising little ones and it was an amazing support during the sleep-deprived, self-doubting times that everyone experiences in the first year of being a mum. I would recommend this course to all first time mothers. It definitely helped me to make better choices and to be a happier mother!

  4. Joanna

    SPACE – What it means to me.
    By Joanna Alderton

    In a former life, (life before baby) I was part of the management team at an international dental
    supply company. I travelled the world and worked very hard to build my career, but I always wanted
    to be a mum. When I was working I didn’t enjoy the “touchyfeely”
    part of business, such as,
    courses which look at what “colour” you fit in to emotionally, which establishes your management
    style. I just wanted to get on with my job and get things done.
    When I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon, so excited, it had finally happened. At the
    time I said to my best friend that I really can’t see myself sticking with a coffee group or any mum’s
    group, “why would I hang out with a bunch of mums I don’t know & wasn’t friends with talking
    about our babies”. HOW WRONG WAS I. It turned out that surrounding myself with other new
    mums is exactly what I needed to survive.
    When working, my sense of achievement was making budget each month and completing successful
    product campaigns. Making sure I could provide the tools to my team to sell as many dental
    products to Dentists as we could (this is now a distant memory). My first day of SPACE is the day I
    made a big life achievement, I managed to get a 5 week old baby out of the house to join a bunch of
    first time mum’s I didn’t know and talk about our babies. Boy did my whole world open up. When
    pregnant you don’t really think beyond feeding and cuddling until you hold your baby in your arms
    and feel completely and utterly responsible for this baby’s development. Now that you are a mum
    you realise that as bad as your singing voice is, it is the most beautiful sound in the world to your
    child and soon realise all you can remember is ABC & Old McDonalds farm. You are a marketers
    dream and bombarded with advertising of all the things you “must have” for your baby and soon
    find out how quickly your baby grows and how much you need to teach them. Being able to discuss
    and work through all the relevant topics each week so you can make informed decisions about the
    type of mum you want to be has been invaluable.
    Motherhood is the hardest, scariest, rewarding thing I have ever done and even though I have a
    really good support network, with an amazing loving partner and wonderful family and friends, I feel
    the guidance from 2 loving caring, awesome mums, Natalie & Esther and also, the amazing support
    network I have in the friends I have made through SPACE has given my little boy the best start I
    could have hoped for in life.
    A big thanks to Natalie, Esther and the entire support crew from SPACE. Keep up the good work I
    will be spreading the word.


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